We are U S Aircars, a car company based in Federal Way south of Seattle, WA. Our goal is to bring safe and affordable air-powered cars to U. S. consumers. The compressed-air engine provides a step forward from the hybrid vehicle in several ways:

  • It is economical. Compressed air is easily and cheaply produced.
  • It is light-weight. No heavy batteries.
  • It is environmentally responsible. Air in, air out.

Our Competition

  • MDI (Motor Developement International) is based in France. Their engine uses a new split-cycle design with a large cylinder and a small cylinder working in tandem.
  • Engineair Pty Ltd is an Australian company, and uses the DiPietro engine, patented in 1997.
  • Tata Motors is based in India, and uses MDI's technology. They are most likely the first to begin mass production.